​What To Do After A Business Break In

You Discover the Business Break In

If you’re the first person to find that there has been a break-in you need to call 999 immediately. This is especially the case if you think the intruder could still be within the premises. If you are not the owner make sure you contact your line manager or business owner to inform them.

If you only notice the business break in after entering the business, leave the building immediately. Do not touch or move anything as this will be evidence and a crime scene. Ensure that the scene or potential evidence is not touched or moved by anybody until the police arrive.

Talk to the police about reopening the business for trading, and when this might be possible. Also ensure support or counselling is offered to employees that may require it.

The Documentation to Complete

Take photos of the crime scene along with any obvious entrances before the areas are repaired or cleaned up.

Write a note of any items that have been stolen and include as many details as possible. This will include item descriptions, serial numbers, proof of purchase and similar.

Contact your insurance provider with all the above information, and your crime number. You can then begin the claims process.

Review and Upgrade

After the clear up has taken place and the claims process has begun take the time to review the security in place. Find out how the intruder broke in, what they wanted when they broke in and any areas of security weakness within the business.

Look at how your business was prepared for the break-in and how long the business was down for after the break in. What processes can be put into place to avoid the down-time if there was another business break in?

Consider what new security measures could be brought in. For example, if an alarm went off did it automatically alert you or the emergency services? Or did the alarm go off in the hope that the intruder would be scared and leave? Could a SmokeCloak reduce the amount of items stolen and protect your business further?

A business break in can result in much stress and upset. Make sure your business is protected as well as possible.