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Installing a SmokeCloak system protects your home and loved ones from the threat of intruders. 

SmokeCloak, when combined with alarm sensors and/or manual panic buttons, monitors your property from unwanted guests. Should movement be detected, the SmokeCloak will instantly be triggered, cloaking the protected area with an impenetrable curtain of fog and ensuring that your goods and, more importantly, your family are protected and the bad guys flee empty-handed. 


  • Stops the threat of burglaries and robberies
  • Peace of mind knowing your property and family are secure
  • Discreet installation, meaning little or no effect on aesthetics
  • Our 100% safe-to-breathe fluid will leave no residue
  • Recommended by both police and insurers
  • SmokeCloak has the only DNA embedded fog enabling tagging of items and intruders alike
MSS Professional SmokeCloak Ltd

What makes SmokeCloak different?

  • Intruder alarms will alert you to a break in, but will not deter the criminals. Alarms are reliant on a key holder or police response. With the average time an intruder spends on site being 3-5 minutes, this makes it a very difficult task to catch them in the act. The instant deployment of a SmokeCloak will stop the criminals in their tracks, forcing them to leave empty-handed.
  • CCTV is much like an intruder alarm; the criminals will pay very little notice to it being in operation. By disguising their appearance from recordings, they make it very difficult to make a positive ID. If the system does happen to be monitored, the criminals are already planning their escape and have identified their window of opportunity.

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