​Burglar Proofing Your Business

Things like a good quality lock can help deter timid or first time burglars, but will also slow down the
more experienced burglar too. A dead bolt-type lock is highly recommended, especially one that
needs a key or knob to set it. Alternatively a double-cylinder lock that needs to be opened by a key
from the other side is also something a burglar doesn’t want to come across.

Bars across doors, windows and skylights can be extremely off-putting for someone trying to break
into your business premises. This will then deter people that may be considering breaking into your
business premises when you are closed.

Check which people have keys to get into your business premises. If people that have left your
business still have keys then it is recommended you get the locks changed if the keys have not been

Install burglar alarms into your business premises, and security cameras too, as well as security
lighting. These are all things that can put a potential burglar off breaking into your business
premises. This is especially the case if these security measures can be seen clearly outside your

Remember, research shows that the average time a burglar stays in your business premises is 3-5
minutes. While an alarm sounding may make the burglar leave quickly, rush and not take everything
they planned or panic it doesn’t mean they will be caught.

Why not consider installing a SmokeCloak into your business?

As soon as the premises is broken into the smoke will literally stop the burglars in their tracks. This
works as a proactive security measure. Alongside an alarm you can be assured the police will come
quickly, and either catch the burglars still crawling around in the smoke, or minimal, if any, business
items will have been stolen.

Don’t let burglars have an easy time if they manage to break into your business premises.