However this is just one of the many things that burglars look out for during the warmer months. An open window during the day could be left open at night. This is a great way of getting into a home and stealing possessions and personal belongings.

If you are away on holiday then a burglar will see this as a sign that they can enter your home unnoticed. It is important that you cancel any milk deliveries you have. If there are 12 bottles of milk sat on your doorstep then a burglar will know you are away. 

Think about setting a timer on your internal lights so there are lights on in the evening but they go off in the day time. This then looks like someone is home, in the house.

If you have a trusted neighbour or friend, why not ask them to pop in while you are away. They can move the build up of post from behind your door, water the plants, close or open curtains, and similar. Again, this will make it look like someone is in your home and that you are not away. You could also ask a neighbour to park on your drive so the house looks like someone is there.

There are also things you can do to protect your home while you are not there. For example, you could have a SmokeCloak installed. This is a cloud of smoke that is set off if someone was to break into your home. They would not be able to see through the thick black smoke and would instead leave your property. 

When this is matched with an alarm it offers that next layer of security for your home. This intruder alarm could be connected to your phone, for example, you can then call the police and tell them that your property has been broken in, so they can either catch the burglar or repair the property and the way the home was broken into. Thus, leaving your home safe and possessions protected until your return.

If you would like to hear more about the SmokeCloak and how it can protect your home then contact us now.