Vehicle Protection

CIT Leader in Brazil sets security standard for cash handling areas and vaults

Considered to be the largest and most important Cash In Transit (CIT) Company in Brazil, PROSEGUR DO BRASIL has adopted SmokeCloak as a standard measure for all their cash handling centers and vaults in Brazil.

Over the last few years PROSEGUR has incorporated many long established and traditional CIT Companies in Brazil, and today PROSEGUR is able to cover all regions of Brazilian territory.

As a reflection of the economic boom of Brazilian economy, the increase of cash handling and transportation activities has created a side effect of turning CIT companies into a valuable target for criminals. The rate of attacks to CIT centers and trucks has experienced a significant increase, demanding the companies to adopt stronger protection measures.

After an extensive qualification process, the use of SmokeCloak has become mandatory for all new and existing sites. The cash handling centers, irrespective of its size, can be filled up with security fog in less than 15 seconds, providing reliable protection in case of attack.

A comprehensive training program has been developed for all employees. Its role is to educate them about the effectiveness of security fog protection. Coincidence or not, PROSEGUR has experienced no attack attempts to its installations after the deployment of SmokeCloak.