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Bars and regular security systems couldn’t do it– SmokeCloak could

One of our favourite stories, is from Royce Merkle at Merkle Camera and Video. Their family business had been broken into multiple times and had sustained substantial losses. Like any proactive owner they added bars and a quality security system but to no avail - they continued to have problems.

After one particular loss, while the police were investigating at the store, they mentioned that they had seen SmokeCloak and how effective they thought it would be for this situation. Royce Merkle contacted SmokeCloak, and they set up an appointment for a demonstration of System 55 at the store the next afternoon. They brought along their alarm company and we put on a great show for them all, and in the end they were convinced, that this was the final solution for them.

Just after Christmas same year with the help of the alarm company, SmokeCloak was depolyed in the back office. We tested it and showed it to the local authorities and put into commission in early January.

In July of that same year they were attacked at night by a group of thieves. They were able to gain access into the store, but once they saw the machine they fled the scene with no product at all. SmokeCloak was a success. The Merkle family had finally won their war on crime. To this day they still have the same systems installed in the store and get them serviced and tested without fail every year. In a conversation with Royce just recently he said, he was happy, he had met us and joined the family of SmokeCloak customers.